GameFest 2024 Showcase

From WPI students Asher Uman, Nicholas Frangie, Adam Ying, Jessica Liano, Jacob Czerepica, Tommy Hu, Brandon Skylar, Alex Supron:

"Aliens Want Our Mascot?!" is available on the Apple and Google Play Stores now!

Your beloved high school mascot, Bovis the Bovine, is under attack! Collect school spirit, rally students to your cause, and annihilate the alien threat in this grid-based tower defense game.

Bovine High may be your typical high school, but every student you recruit is more than just a cliche. Though their abilities and extracurriculars may be different, they all swear undying devotion to their school mascot, so it’s up to you to rally the troops and defend them. Choose your placements wisely, combine different cliques, and defeat the extraterrestrial threat before the next bell!

Check out the trailer now!

RPI student contributors:
Alex Watson, GSAS, Sophomore – Programmer
Emily Joaquim, GSAS, Sophomore – Programmer
Nithin Sathiya, GSAS, Sophomore – 3D Artist
Nathan Qiu, GSAS, Sophomore – Sound & Music
Andrew Zeng, GSAS, Sophomore – 2D Artist & Level Design
Ogechi Ugocha, GSAS, Sophomore – 2D Artist

Astro-Venger is a short 2D action platformer where you play as an astronaut ninja who needs to get back to their spaceship after accidentally falling out. Use your sword to grapple onto platforms and navigate around enemies in an attempt to catch the spaceship before it leaves the planet!

Play now on

RPI student contributors:
Anisha Biswas (Computer Science and GSAS, 2027), 
Nickolas Ho (Electronic Arts and GSAS, 2026),
Alex Genchev (Computer Science and GSAS, 2027),
Max Knudsen (Computer Science and GSAS, 2027),
Bryan Diep (Computer Science and GSAS, 2027)

An RPG/rouge-like where four players will act as adventurers and one player will act as the dungeon. The dungeon sets up the rooms where the adventurers will fight off enemies, guiding them to the final boss where they will learn an important lesson about their past actions. The adventurers, unsure of themselves + their surroundings, must work together to hopefully regain their memories or simply get through the dungeon + defeat the final boss. 

Check out their itch page.

*Core Team*
Tate Donnelly, Nicholas Frangie, Jade McEvoy, Skye Pritchard, Abigail Rauch, Kerri Thornton

*Additional Support*
Alistair Gilmour, Camille Pratz, Ethan Chau, Jess Liano, Teddy Ker


Bed and BEAKfast is a management and narrative game set in a world of birds! Play as Robin and return home to revitalize your late Pa's bed and breakfast, forging meaningful connections as you reconnect with the community by cooking foods and tending to the B&B!

The game will be released on Steam in early May!

RPI student contributors:
Bella Koeung-Zambrana - GSAS/EA ‘25
Lakota Eckman - GSAS/Writing ‘25
Sydney Finkelberg - GSAS/EA ‘25
Sean Zlatev - GSAS/Writing ‘24 
Sean Alcordo - GSAS/CS ‘25
Allan Tan - GSAS/Music ‘25

Welcome to the Garden. A place where souls and parts of their old lives reside. As a Reaper, it is your job to help bring these souls to rest and set them free in the place beyond the gate. However, this is no easy task as their minds have become scrambled, and pieces of their memories are missing.

Check out their itch page.

Dev: Skye Guan (Lindenwood University)

You’ve been put in charge of planning a birthday party for your favorite (and only) sister this year, the apple of everybody's eye. The only problem is, it’s only one month away, you still have school, and she didn’t give you much to work with for party funds! Okay, so maybe it's multiple problems. Will you be able to throw her the best birthday party ever, all while juggling your full-time undergraduate college career, your physical and mental health, and a limited event budget all within 30 days? Or will you stumble, fall, and fail to raise the most important celebration of all—that of your love and her life?

Upkeep your HP, MP, Money, Planning Progress, and Stress levels while planning the perfect celebration for your twin sister in this management sim-slash-visual novel!

Available on for Windows, Mac, & Linux, and on Google Play Store for Android.

Ruofu Sun: 2nd year MFA student of Game Design at NYU Game Center, solo developer
Maddie Stephenson: music collaborator, not a student

Bobble Bob is a 2D ecosystem sim where you play as a cluster of bubbles and gradually explore and discover the mysteries of a fantastic world.

Ashe DeVico - RPI GSAS '24 - Game Design, Programming, Sound and Music
Margaret Hons - Art, Animation, Voice Acting

BONK is a game where you BONK your friends, family, comrades, companions, and other fellow players! Use your hammer. That's it (oh, and there's some fun twists too).

Check out BONK on

Core Team of RIT students & alums:
Miranda Auriemma - Tech Art & VFX, Team Lead - ('24 MS Game Design & Development) 
Aatman Dhangar - 3D Art - ('24 MS Game Design & Development) 
Elvis Huangli - Gameplay Programming & Puzzle Design - ('24 MS Game Design & Development) 
Miles Michell - Level Designer, Narrative Designer - ('24 BS/MS Game Design & Development) 

External Artists 
Katie Haberberger - UI, Graphic Design - ('23 RIT Alumni)
Lorelei Becker - Character Sculptor, Character Designer - ('25 3D Digital Design) 
Sean Flaherty - Music, Audio - ('24 Individualized Study)
Maggie Wehler - Illustrator - ('23 RIT Alumni)

Channel Getaway is a first-person narrative puzzle game set in the year 1986. Separated from loved ones by a stressful dead-end job they can't afford to leave, your character is grasping for any sense of control they can find. They happen upon a 50’s TV ad for Channel Getaway, selling Paradise. A promise of escape, bliss, and salvation in the form of a beach vacation. They find themself transported to this Paradise, and upon arrival, the character is offered the power to control the beautiful and chaotic world and cosmos to their whim. You carry out the use of this power to fully see what paradise has to offer. Accompanying you are others with their own reasons for seeking escape. Paradise is a dream, devoid of the stress, monotony, and hardships that keep piling up in real life. But can Paradise truly last forever?

Check out Channel Getaway on

Core Team (WPI students): Nelson Pires '24 Computer Science (CS) and Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD), Jessica Liano '24 IMGD, Austin Hyatt '25 CS and IMGD, Renee Cullman '24 IMGD, Conor Dolan '24 IMGD, Zachary Adams '24 IMGD

Additional Support: Braden Arnold '23 (not a student when game was created), Andrew Simonini '25 IMGD, Ethan Lockhart '24 Architecture, Tate Donnelly '24 IMGD and CS, Ethan Chau '24 IMGD and Professional Writing, Mia Bourguignon '25 IMGD, Nicholas Frangie '24 IMGD and CS, Justin Ignatowski '25 IMGD, Camille Pratts '25 IMGD, Sarah Bodkin '25 IMGD, Keenan Jones '25 IMGD


Clean Sweep is a 3D, comedic, character-driven action-RPG where you and everyone in Cleanland, Ohio is a cleaning product. Play as the Janitor, help the good people of Cleanland, and kick some massive germ butt in character-oriented combat.

This demo features 3 quests, 3 playable characters, 2 combat missions, partial voice acting, 5 locations, and 14 diverse characters to interact with. This build is a rough vertical slice of what we plan on publishing in August 2024 which will feature a full main story, 10 playable characters, and lots and lots of cleaning puns!

RPI Student contributors:
Kevin CS/GSAS 2024
Jennifer GSAS 2025
Arnav CS/GSAS 2026
Leland CS/GSAS 2026


Emotional World is a platformer adventure game set in a world after a series of unknown and unnamed events, where people’s emotions control their appearances morphing them into their true feelings. You play as a nameless human protagonist, awakened in this strange new world with the ability to dash and jump. Along the way, you meet a few diverse nonhuman friends and help a sad-looking fellow as you platform through an unknown cave dodging danger left and right. 

Check out their itch page!

RIT Student Contributors:
Sam Beckmann (GDD BS/MS '24)
Adhiraj Bhagawati (GDD MS '24)
Ryan Cooper (GDD MS '24)
Bohan Li (GDD MS '24)
Canberk (Jan) Sonmezer (GDD MS '24)

Skyler Dittmar (3DDD BFA 24')
Drew Genel (New Media Design BFA 25')
Yiran Sun (School of Visual Arts, Graphic Design BFA 23')
Kaleb Pendleton (CS BS 24')
Joe Song (FaA BFA 23')
Fabian Sanchez (FaA BFA 24')
Quamae Newsome (FaA BFA 23')
Pavel Kozulya (FaA BFA 23')
Megan Schier (GDD BS 24')
Roze Washington (New Media Design BFA 24')
Kelly O’Connor (Ringling College of Art and Design, Computer Animation BFA 26')
Tom Schroder (GDD BS 23')
Leah Torregiano (GDD BS '26)
McKenzie Lam (GDD BS '26)
Alfredo Fonsecaciqeiros (GDD BS '24)

Eternal  Machination is an action-adventure game set in a dark fantasy world. In this world, you play as Seethe, a being of pure chaos with the ability to bend shadows to their will. With this power, you will explore mystical regions, fight the mage-punk golems, and release the divine spirits imprisoned within them. 

Check out their itch page!

RPI Student contributors:
Christopher Vallarta - 3D Artist (Generalist) and Game Designer - Junior Year GSAS/EARTS Dual Major
Kiran Koch-Mathews - Programmer and Game Designer - Junior Year GSAS/Comp.Sci. Dual Major
Allan Tan - Musician and SFX - Junior Year GSAS/Music Dual Major
Alexander Hoff - Musician - Sophomore Year Comp.Sci.

"Fisht Fight" is a game that envelops the idea of hyper masculinity, and takes the idea to extreme absurdity through placing the player in VR to create as immersive of an experience as possible, combined with a goofy art style. 

In this world, fish have had enough of being used for sport and have decided to fight back! However, in turn, a new sport of Fisht Fighting was introduced where fishers attempt to juggle the fish in the air to get combos. This creates concerns of conflict with biocentrism, however the player ignores this as they are a toxic hyper-masculine male that enjoys the adrenaline rush of competing in a sport that combines two of their favorite activities: boxing and fishing, something they always wanted to take further to the extreme. 

Now, go FISHT FIGHT and break a new combo record!!!

Follow their progress on itch.

- Ami Cai - Producer & Art Director (NYU Game Design MFA, Class of 2024)
- Alyssa Rodriguez - Producer & Narrative Lead (NYU Game Design MFA, Class of 2024)
- Wei Rao - Artist (NYU Game Design BFA, Class of 2025)

- Camron Gonzalez - Lead Programmer & Writer
- Tip Bulante - Lead Artist
- Natash Ramoutar - Writer
- Leaflet - Lead Audio Designer

FORWARD: Farming Towards Our Future, is an NYU MFA Thesis about community building through urban farming in a futuristic Solarpunk setting that reframes the solarpunk genre to serve marginalized voices. It is a love letter about the inspiration for our future that communities around the world are already actively working towards today. Through the lens of Solarpunk, we as designers are reclaiming and exploring our stories of the future in the cities and lands that we’ve been dealt with through the historical and cultural identity of upcycling, and how the verb farming has lost the most vital aspect that folks forget — growing, building, and supporting relationships.

Check out their website for more.

Alex Hertz (RPI GSAS/EA dual 2027) - Programming, Art, & SFX

A minimalist, movement-oriented platformer set in the dark. In it, you play as GlowStick (title drop) and navigate levels, lit only by you, hazards, checkpoints, and the goal. Light your path, and go fast!

Follow this project on itch.


RPI Student team:
Nick Maglio - 2nd year CGD PhD student
Max Kenny - GSAS Senior
Sean Walsh - GSAS/EART RPI Alumni
Jacob Abrams - EE RPI Alumni

Grapple your way out of your boring desk job to pursue your true fishing passion! Whether you realize it in The Garden, Fort Glub, or The Abyss is up to you! You are no GOOGAN, use your hook to catch every kind of fish you can find, and the biggest too - there are some real hogs. If you can't reach the next pond, you might need to repurpose your hook to grapple closer - your favorite lawn chair and cooler have become MOBILE! Vacation isn't vacation if you have to stand up or run to the fridge. If your rod ever runs out of juice, your beer can be repurposed too, as a fuel tank! Collect more of that beer to keep in your cooler to relax even harder.

Check out their itch page or watch the trailer here.

John Domenico Calvelli - Master of Fine Arts in Game Design, New York University Class of 2024
Devinne Moses - Master of Fine Arts in Game Design, New York University Class of 2024

Imogen, Part 1 is the first serialization of an experimental narrative on divorced parents’ grief after the loss of their daughter. Experience Sarah and Jamie’s internal turmoil through the lens of fleeting moments, both past and present. In a story that captures the ebb and flow of human connection through hand-crafted images and subtle, expressive controls, one question lingers throughout: as we mourn, can we find the resolve to find solace in ourselves, and in others?


RPI Student Team:
Pin Arabe, GSAS/EARTS '26
Luka Boulay, GSAS/CS '26
Bastian Farrera, GSAS/COMMD '26
Ryan Gibeau, GSAS/CS '26
Edward Ruppar, GSAS/STS '26

In Lantern Light you play as a child searching through the woods near his home to find his brother. As he walks through the forest he comes face to face with his greatest fears. But worse, he must soon face a grim truth. 

Check out their page!

RIT Student contributors:
Kyle James (GDD BS/MS '24), Adam Fan (GDD MS '24), Sijal Jaradat (GDD MS '24), Winson Weng (GDD BS/MS '24), Adam Zaffram (GDD BS/MS '24)

You are the captain of a band of pirates seeking a new island to call home to recover from a ghastly battle.
Build up your pirate paradise for your crew to recover from their wounds and stake claim in the unforgiving seas.
Explore the open seas to find new territories to plunder, participate in open-sea battles, and hunt sea monsters.
Raid settlements with your crew in land combat simulations.

By managing your crew’s strengths and resources, you’ll develop your outpost from shantytown to fortress, become a formidable force on the seas, and lead professional brigands. 
That is if your crew can best other pirates, colonialists, skeleton crews, and legendary sea monsters.

In Libertalia, Pirate Paradise is yours for the taking.

RPI Student contributors:
Jacob Farese (Sophomore GSAS), Michael Konefal (Sophomore GSAS), Tyler Majewski (Sophomore GSAS), G Li (Sophomore GSAS), Abigail Fischer (Sophomore GSAS), Annabelle Eugui (Sophomore GSAS)

The night is quiet and the night is cool
When all the children have left the school
When silence falls over toys and books
and any coats left on their hooks
All is quiet and all is soft
When the teacher has turned the lights off
When lights are out and curtains are drawn
When streetlamps flicker and shadows yawn
What creatures emerge from the corners and cracks?
What nightmares lurk when we’ve turned our backs?
Best to keep the lights on then
Lest the monsters come out again

Lights Out is an isomorphic platforming game where you play as an art project left behind within a kindergarten after everyone has left. But with no adults around, there is no one to scare the monsters away. Navigate puzzles and monsters alike as you try to turn the lights back on!

Check out their game on!

David Fang (NYU)

Lord of Mystery is a single-board card game, inspired by Cultist Simulator, Beecarbonize, and many other card games. You will explore this mysterious Lovecraftian world, dig out unspoken knowledge about the elder gods, drink potions to become the “Beyonder”, explore various locations and ruined histories, use special power and abilities to survive and fight with enemies, and eventually try to achieve the godhood yourself.

See more on David's website.

Level Upstate Incubator 2023-2024

RIT students and grads:
Graziela Larroca | Producer/Art Director | 3D Film and Animation MFA
Owen Bauman | Writer | School of Individualized Study
Vinh Nguyen| 2D Artist | 2D Film and Animation
William Bertiz | Sound Designer/Composer
Jake Burgos | Unreal Engine Developer

Lost Roots is an immersive 2.5D exploration game where players unite spirits by growing an underground network of roots. With a limited number of roots to grow, players must unlock memories of the deceased and navigate through the cemetery in order to advance.

Follow them on Instagram for more.

RPI Students: Peter Clifford, Nyx Gonzalez, Anshe Hsiao, Filipe Martinez, and Elias Tonias

Meditations of Menander is a unique 2d game in which the player controls the retired king Menander in his search for enlightenment. Driven by perspective, the game allows the player to switch the way they see the world, allowing them to avoid and bypass all manner of enemies and obstacles. Built in Unity, this game uses camera and transition tricks in order to make a believable yet constantly changing environment. 

RIT student contributors:
John Haley - Game Design & Development Major - 3rd Year
Twig Sheherlis - Game Design & Development Major - 3rd Year
Amanda Rowe - Game Design & Development Major - 3rd Year
Liam Armitage - Game Design & Development Major - 3rd Year
Dariel Samay - Game Design & Development Major - 3rd Year
Ethan Lin - Computer Engineering Major - 3rd Year
Tyler Samay - Game Design & Development Major - 3rd Year
Andrew Ptaszek - Computer Science and Applied Math Major - 2nd Year
Quinne Houck - Music in Game and Interactive Media Scoring - 2nd Year

Mushroom Kid's Big Grass Sword is a narrative, physics-based, precision platformer that follows Mica, a little mushroom, on a journey to rescue their village after the residents are captured by a gigantic bird. Meet Grandmashroom as she leads Mica to a mysterious temple to claim the Blade of Grass: a powerful weapon with the ability to pull Mica up ledges and over dangerous obstacles.

Check them out on Steam.

Art, Code, Design: Jiuya Lin (NYU)

A Surrealism Game to explore minimal interaction, maximum chaos, interactions vs. actions vs. reactions, about game space and how we think about them.
An exploration of who I am as an creative individual. 
The project is solo developed in Unity within a week.

Check out the itch page today.

Justin Buergi (RPI)

Sisyphus, once a great king who cheated Death itself, has been forever bound to a mountain, forced to repeat his endeavor endlessly. He must endlessly roll a boulder up a mountain, only for it to fall time and time again, but he does not despair. He does not give in. Rather, he devotes each day to pushing himself a bit further towards the limit of his space. 

Play it now on itch.

Level Upstate Incubator 2023-204

Ari She/Her 
Brendan He/Him 
Emmet He/Him
Ghost It/He
Ivy She/They 
Mira Any 
Allan Tan

Night of the Delivering Dead is about a recent graduate of a school, trained in the dark magic of necromancy. In contrast to their hope to get a job in their field right out of the gate, they find themselves 6-feet-under the weight of their growing student loans. They decide to try their luck at delivering food in the gig-economy, to practice fine mortem control and make ends meet. 

Check out their itch page.


Justin Looman (RIT GDD '24)
Sami Chamberlain (RIT GDD '24)
Will Jeon (RIT GDD '24)
Iain Roach (RIT GDD '24)
Kai Stone (RIT 3DDD '27)
Claire Wang (RIT GD '27)
Trevor Strickland (SUNY Oswego CS '23)

What if ninjas fought in a trampoline park, but with paint? Ninjas on Trampolines is a two-to-four player platform fighter where players are ninjas that splatter their opponents on the battlefield. Use trampolines to fight for aerial superiority. Having the most paint on the battlefield will make you victorious, but be careful because your opponents can paint over what you have already. The person with the most paint at the end of a match is declared the winner.


RPI contributors:
H. Rozas (Reddy11104) (BS Games and Simulations Arts and Sciences and Computer Science, 2026)
Jose Rodriguez (Josector) (BS Games and Simulations Arts and Sciences, 2026)
Henry Davis (Hipton) (BS Games and Simulations Arts and Sciences, 2026)
Anna Foody (BismuthBloom) (BS Games and Simulations Arts and Sciences and Computer Science, 2026)

A physics-based puzzle-platformer about a telekinetic Jerboa's journey through a strange facility. Run, hop, and sling your way across a variety of obstacles, hazards, and time trials! Created for Game Development II at RPI.

Play now on itch!

Xander Goodwin (GDD BS '23)
Ryan Cooper (GDD MS '24)
Jaden Pickering (NYU '23)
Jorge Valesquez (NYU BS '23)
Miles Michell (RIT BS/MS '24)
Annie Yhang (RIT MS '25)
Kaelyn "Gil" Beeman (RIT BS/MS '25)
Pranav Rajnish (RIT MS '25)
Sam Burgoyne (RIT BS/MS '25)

Play as Arya: junker, ship jockey, and fighter. Lacking working thrusters, her ship is equipped with her latest contraption, the Rope Tool — a grappling hook and a stapler duct taped together.

Swing through the corpse of an asteroid mining gold rush. Gather rockets from the rubble of all-consuming corporate rivalry to propel yourself to blinding speeds. Launch those rockets to take down abandoned drones or set off the industrial explosives left lying around. Everything in this physics-led zero-gravity world is an opportunity for chaos and speed.

The forces you're up against are stronger than you, more advanced than you, richer than you. They will knock you down, knock everything you've scraped together right off of your ship. But they can't keep you down. You always come back.

Check out their game on

RPI student contributors:
Kend'or Wilson - Music & SFX (GSAS, 2024)
Charles Reverand - Programming, UI & VFX (GSAS, CS, 2024)
Chad Van Patten - 3D Artist & Animator (GSAS, 2024)
Mike Farley - 3D Artist (GSAS, 2024)
Max Kenny - Level Designer, Community Manager, Scrum Master (GSAS, 2024)
Jakob Eneman - Narrative & Voice (GSAS, 2024)
Leon Zhou - 3D Artist (GSAS, 2024)
Gabriel Priem - Music (GSAS, Music, 2021)

For one reason or another, your employer has a LOT of bombs. No one would send out untested bombs, so it's QAs job to defuse them! Wait... are cakes normally bombs? Never mind that. Chase the clock, snip red wires, and try not to think too hard about the logistics in SHORT FUSE!

Check them out on Steam!

RPI contributors:
Sam Collins (B.S. in GSAS, 2024), Brandon Corcoran (B.S. in GSAS, 2024), Dylan Liriano (B.S. in GSAS, 2024), Gwen Moyer (B.S. in GSAS, 2024), Jeremy Valdez (B.S. in GSAS, 2024), Michael Zahavi (B.S. in GSAS, 2024), Lily Dora Sharratt (M.F.A. in Music Composition for the Screen, 2024 @ Columbia College Chicago), Joseph Jelinek (B.S. in GSAS, 2024)

You are a conspiracy theorist that looks for an outside option over conventional medicine and end up getting captured for experimental testing and your job is to escape the facility by fighting your way through multiple floors using multiple abilities you gain along the way.

Follow their progress on Instagram.

RPI contributors: Mark Christian, Trey Chan, Jeremy Goldberger

Race to save your ship from falling into the black hole! Taskforce is a game set in space where you're an astronaut trying to save your ship. Can you beat the race against time?

Follow their progress on itch!

Level Upstate Incubator 2023-204

Tess Wainwright (Writer, Programmer)
Julieta "Cheddy" de Armas (Community Manager)
Kalechips (UI Designers, Character Artist)
Emily Echevarria (Animator)
Sandalphon (Programmer)
Ooyu (Programmer)

The Songbird Guild is a Yuri RPG/Visual Novel hybrid about magical girls falling in love. Investigate the secrets of a corrupt fantasy world and fight creepy (yet somehow adorable?) monsters in turn-based battles, all to pay the bills in this world where being a magical girl is a regular 9-5 job.

Danial Ezzati, Digital Media and Design MFA at University of Connecticut (MFA Thesis Project)

“TIME: Journey to Nowruz” is an immersive, educational, and inspiring game that offers a unique window into the vibrant culture and rich history of Iran. This game, centered around Nowruz, the Persian New Year, immerses players in the tradition of curating the Haftsin table and participating in cherished Persian rituals. It serves as a bridge, bonding Iranian immigrants together and encouraging them to share their distinctive traditions in their new communities.

The game provides a snapshot of Iran’s abundant historical, cultural, and mystical narratives, waiting to be explored. Designed with advanced storytelling, gamified rituals, and immersive environments, it steers players through imaginatively reconstructed historical and fictional settings, brimming with interactive historical and cultural artifacts.

The story follows a young boy, Farid, on his quest to revive Nowruz and reunite with his family to celebrate the arrival of spring. Tasked with helping his grandmother prepare for the New Year celebration, Farid embarks on a magical journey back to the creation of Nowruz. In Persepolis, the heart of the Achaemenid Empire, Farid meets with Cyrus the Great, Haji Firuz, and Amu Nowruz. By collecting items reflecting Haftsin traditions, he breaks the frozen curse cast by Nane Sarma. The game culminates in a vibrant Nowruz celebration, highlighting familial bonds, cultural heritage, and the transformative power of traditions.

“TIME: Journey to Nowruz” is more than just a game; it’s an odyssey into the heart of Persian culture, a celebration of heritage, and a testament to the transformative power of traditions.



  • Aaron Bush - BS/MS Game Design 3rd year RIT
  • Chloe Evans - BS Game Design 4th year RIT
  • James Zilberman - BS/MS Game Design 4th year RIT
  • John Haley - BS/MS Game Design 3rd year RIT
  • Dariel Ramos - BS Game Design 3rd year RIT
  • Ian McFarlane - BS Game Design 3rd year RIT
  • Brian Egan - BS Game Design 3rd year RIT
  • Holly Allen - BS Game Design 4th year RIT
  • Silas Mercer - BS Game Design 4th year RIT
  • Megan Schier  - BS Game Design 4th year RIT

Ugly The Cat: Missiles and Mayhem is a 3D action-combat party game inspired by Quake, where players fight as cats with bazookas in a hectic and chaotic gameplay environment. 

We will be displaying our Unity prototype, which has been developed to support our PlayStation 5 development. These two versions have been programmed in tandem as we create a custom engine and our own game on the PS5 platform. This Unity prototype has been developed to test the gameplay concepts of our PS5 prototype publicly, and the PlayStation version will show off our engine and graphics capabilities.

Check out their itch page!

Aiden Crossfield - Bachelors of Science in Computer Science/Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences (RPI '26)

A fantasy Puzzle-Platformer, "Valley of the Dawns" is an in-progress game with an emphasis on stylized art, which challenges players to solve environmental puzzles using incrementally-introduced magical powers in order to progress.

Check it out on

RIT student contributors:
Nat Martin, Medical Illustration Freshman - Art Help 
Sembartya Magoye, Not a student - Music Help
Sejjemba Magoye, Game Developement and Design Freshman - Everything else

A short, color based, puzzle adventure. 

Play it now on itch.

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