Announcing new Graduate Game Design Programs

RPI is now offering a M.S. and Ph.D. in Critical Game Design which will begin Fall 2020. Please read the RPI news article for more information about both programs.


The M.S. in Critical Game Design will focus on the application of the transformative capacity of the practical skills necessary to produce games within the industry, the academy, and society at large through the completion of an applied thesis project, most likely in the form of a critically informed game prototype. Students will learn how to apply insights from critical work directly to the production of new types of game designs.

The M.S. in Critical Game Design represents a new kind of practical and theoretical curriculum; a kind of curriculum that leverages the interdisciplinary strengths of Rensselaer. Students and faculty in these classes will explore theoretical and critical texts surrounding games, their production and reception, as well as design and build games that respond to the issues that arise out of these texts and curricular investigations.


The Ph.D. in Critical Game Design is designed to train scholar-practitioners deeply versed in game production, game studies theory, and scholarly writing and research. This degree program is a hybrid theory and practice program that deeply immerses students in the game studies literature, game design principles, and topical concentrations on the social and structural issues surrounding digital games and interactive media commensurate with the student’s research area.