GDC Community Spotlight: TVGS!

Our next community spotlight is Tech Valley Game Space (TVGS) an inclusive nonprofit organization founded on the principle that games and game making are for everyone. Our community and co-working space serves as a welcoming, accessible environment where both aspiring and experienced game developers are encouraged to mentor, educate, and support one another. They will be showcasing some of their member’s work on Friday — Come check it out!

Select games:

Voxel FIght: Enter the fray and slap your friends and CPU around while trying to get the ball and score! First to 3 wins! Be mindful and fast, power ups abound and others can knock the ball from your hands. 0. Check out the here

Open Spaces:


From their website:

At TVGS, we believe that a more diverse and nurturing game development community is also a more sustainable one. There is a vital need for new voices within the game development space, and our mission is to help address that need. We develop game creation opportunities for diverse groups, from Troy middle school students, to creative adults from communities that are underrepresented in game development.


Check out their website or stop by the Rensselaer Digital Game Hub booth Friday the 22nd from 10 am to 12pm to check out their games!