GDC Play Preview: Cage Studios

Our next community spotlight is Cage Studios a young indie studio developing their first game: Sail and Sacrifice. In this single player open-world adventure game, you will be the captain of yer own pirate fantasy! Explore the islands, sail the seas, amass a crew, and make a name for yerself in The Archipelago.


  • Explore The Archipelago – See that giant skull in the distance? The massive volcano? Tall towers overlooking the sea? Anything the light touches is yers to discover. With 25 islands to explore, Sail and Sacrifice offers over 25 hours of immersive gameplay. The tribal, pirate, and Spanish architecture near the mountains and shorelines are filled with civilization, wildlife, and opportunity.
  • Captain a Ship – Expand yer crew, choose yer First Mate, decide the share for each member, and have them follow ye into battle. Gain respect by sinking ships and fighting enemies with swords and guns on land and at sea. Spend yer treasure on a variety of ships and weapon types to strike harder.
  • Choose yer Allies – The Kalinago natives look to their three Gods for help against the rise of piracy under immortal Captain Warden and the oppression of Spanish Prince Burgés who claims divine right over the others. But there is more to this war than meets the eye. Take sides as the dynamic story and its characters change around you.
  • Live the FantasySail and Sacrifice brings ye to the world of pirates, getting drunk on tavern rum, singing sea shanties, and enjoying the witty conversations. All the while, discover ancient temples built by the natives that contain powerful artifacts. Visit the royal Spanish palace to admire their zoo animals, Renaissance paintings, and fine wine.




From their website:

In 2017, our dreams became our goal as we co-founded CAGE Studios LLC and created our first commercially-ready game: Sail and Sacrifice. Our ability to challenge each others’ thoughts until we reach the best design solutions forms the foundation of our creative partnership. Game development always presents unpredictable technical and design challenges, but with our unique skillsets and continuous cooperation, we will make games that push the boundaries of imagination.

Check out their website , like their game on Steam and stop by the Rensselaer Digital Game Hub booth Thursday the 21st from noon to 2pm to check out their game.