GDC Play Community Spotlight: 1st Playable Productions

Our first community spotlight is 1st Playable Productions Games a local studio focused on developing games that empower and encourage. that persuade a child that math is cool, teach middle school kids to rethink science misconceptions, or train adults to be aware of cognitive bias affecting their decision making. Even more exciting, games that literally improve the way we think, write, retain memory, and build new habits. 1st Playable has been a pillar of our community and has developed a wide range of titles for entertainment, educational and serious audiences.




From their website:

We are a group of idealists who love what we do and are committed to showing how a small company can make a big impact. We’re here to make great games, and to help others do so too: working with our partners, educators, and community members. Our years of experience working together really shines when we tackle aggressive deadlines, new technology, or unique applications. Fans of pop culture, we take delight in immersing ourselves in a new brand or movie world; we’re also science geeks, and education advocates, and animal lovers, and … pretty much any topic you bring to us will find some set of people genuinely excited to have a chance to delve into it.

Check out their website or stop by the Rensselaer Digital Game Hub booth Friday the 22nd from noon to 3pm to check out their games!