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GDC Play Preview: Mastery

Mastery is our next featured GDC game, developed by a team of 8 individuals. This game was a finalist for the NY State Game Dev Challenge in 2018. Mastery is a 2D platform game made by Tunacat Studio. The game world combines fantasy components of Taoism and the customs of ancient China. The game tells a story of self-discovery as the main character, Yan Ching, masters the five Chi elements during his sacred pilgrimage of mountainous ascension. You can learn more on their website.



Tunacat studio i:

  • Producer/Lead Designer – Fanghong Dong
  • Lead Programmer – Kirsten Pilla
  • Programmer/Enemy Designer – Hongyang Lin
  • Programmer – Beiqi Zou
  • Lead Artist – Adrianna Oropello
  • Environmental Artist – Chujia Yuan
  • Music Composer – Yihui Liu UI
  • Designer/Sound Designer – Yueqing Dai

If you’ll be at GDC be sure to check out this and our other student and community projects at GDC Play!