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REVEAL Summer Game Development Incubator Final Showcase: A Success!

REVEAL, a 7-week intensive program run by the Emerging Ventures Ecosystem at RPI, provided business training, mentoring, space and funding for prototype development, customer discovery and preparation to launch new game startups. This summer 6 teams developing games or games-related products and services were awarded spots in the program, with 17 participants total. This year the REVEAL cohort is entirely composed of game and interactive media developers and is the first time the participants have been welcome onsite for the entire length of the program, utilizing space in the incubator that has been unused in previous years. “REVEAL has provided us the resources required for us to further accelerate our development timeline and bring us closer to launch.” said Eric Franco current Computer Science and GSAS Major at RPI

The cohort this year is comprised of:

Bork Bork Studios, a team developing Doggo Unleashed, a 3D, third-person exploration game for the PC where players play as a corgi puppy in a series of neighborhood backyards. Players can eat food, play with toys, chase birds and squirrels, and most importantly, help the neighborhood dogs with their problems

Cage Studios, developing Sail and Sacrifice, an open-world pirate adventure. It’s a 3rd person, single player game and currently available on Steam in Early Access.

Catapult Games, developing Don’t Look Down, a VR climbing game like no other. In addition to realistic rock climbing simulatoin mechanics, the game features smashing robots into each other, dodging buzzsaws and robo-bees and dashing through bonus rooms.

IPPSec, a new generation security company which was founded on 8 years of proprietary in-field research conducted on a global scale. This team is developing an augmented reality game for use on college campuses

Non-Orbital, a team developing a top down 2D spaceship building game for PC about unleashing your inner Han Solo or James Kirk. It’s a game about space exploration, trade, explosions, and leading your crew through a vast universe.

Trojan Duck, a team developing a 2D single player narrative-driven memory investigation game. You discover a story, piecing together your own conclusions, unearthing mysteries, encountering a preposterous cast of characters in a toy box world.

The mentor group for this summer’s cohort includes developers from local studios including Vicarious Visions, PubG Madglory, 1st Playable Productions and Velan Studios, GSAS faculty, and RPI alumni. Speakers and mentor support also include non-development resources including game law, local venture capitalists and game marketing firms.