Tech Valley Digital Gaming Hub

Orbit: Game Art – Pixel Art!

This month’s lesson provided by TVGS is pixel art! For those who aren’t familiar, pixel art is a style of 2D art reminiscent of old systems such as the NES and SEGA Genesis. Come by for tutorials on how to create pixel art or learn some new tips that can help brush up some of your skills!

Tech Valley Game Space – 30 3rd St, Troy, NY 12180

Thursday, May 10th at 7:00pm

Orbit: Game Art is a monthly series of tutorials on the aesthetics of game design, ranging from artistic topics such as shot composition to more technical topics like creating shaders and bump maps.

More info on the event and RSVP here!

Note: Park in the Uncle Sams parking garage which is free after 6:00pm on the weekdays.