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Gilles Bailly Talk on April 23rd!

Gilles Bailly, CNRS Researcher at the ISIR Lab of Sorbonne Université, France will present the following talk, “Command Selection, Bridging the Gap between Interaction Design and Modeling”!

The talk will show that command selection is a fundamental task in HCI, illustrate the design space of command selection with several recent interaction techniques, argue that the approach, “interaction design”, was necessary to explore this design space and characterize interactive mechanisms, and how it is now time to explore this design space more systematically by elaborating advanced models of users’ performance.

Folsom Library Fischbach Room, RPI Campus

Monday, April 23 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm

More information about HCI Sorbonne here!

Gilles Bailly’s research interests are Human-Computer Interaction, Skill acquisition, Decision making and Robotics. He worked extensively in the area of command selection and designed several interaction techniques on Personal Computers, smartphones, tabletops, pubic displays or wearable devices. He is now working on predictive models of performance  with a focus on the transition form novice to expert behavior.