Tech Valley Digital Gaming Hub

Ludum Dare 41 with Geek Musica!

The 41st Ludum Dare is here! Come down to the Tech Valley Game Space to participate. No experience in making games necessary! This is just a fun challenge for all of us, and often serves as an educational moment to learn how to work with deadlines. We will be going through game idea brainstorming and team building exercises to help you jump start your way to making games!

Furthermore, we have a special collaboration with the local classical ensemble, Geek Musica, who will help contribute music to teams attending the TVGS real-world meeting. This cross-pollination will result in an Interactive Showcase on a future Troy Night Out, where the music they’ve composed for the Jam will be performed live. Exciting!

Join in as you make a game in 72 hours with a team, or if you want to go hard-mode, 48 hours solo! Meet up with other rapid game developers! Eat a lot of junk food (including free pizza)! And most important of all, have fun!

Tech Valley Game Space – 30 3rd St, Troy, NY

Friday, April 20th at 7:30pm –  Monday, April 23rd at 10:00pm

More info on this event here! RSVP herre as well!
More info on the Ludum Dare can be found here!

Note: Park in the Uncle Sams parking garage which is free during weekends and after 6:00pm on the weekdays.